Whats New With KB & KB Country

Well it is time for an update on what is happening with the KB Radio family.  Veronica and I continue to talk radio and music when possible, and looking at what to bring forward when it all comes back.  I am not going to worry about any of that for the time being but I did want to pass along the fact that we are completely done with Shoutcast.  Both stations are now working on the new service and working beautifully compared to the bullshit we endured before.  One of my concerns was whether or not we would be able to use our current apps for the stations, and everything has gone fine with them.

Both are on the new streams and you should immediately notice that there is little to no buffer time.  The sound is crisper as well and with my own personal usage it is much more reliable and I don’t have the same kind of drop-outs or re buffering over and over.

I have made the adjustment for the TuneIn connections as well, though they are slower it seems in getting them linked, but I grew tired and dumped Shoutcast.  So if you are a TuneIn user, I apologize and hope that it is back up soon for you for both stations.  I will continue to monitor that situation as well.

Regular Twitter users will have likely seen from time to time the posting of Advert: which was an advertising based system I was connected with on Shoutcast.  With the change that system is gone, so those stupid posts will no longer appear in the twitter feed.

I am hoping in the next week or so to get new players for the two websites that show the songs playing, so if you use the sites, keep your eyes open for that.

I also am looking to really dive into some of the new Indie music that has come in and add some of that into the line up.

So the bottom line, I am still trying to get some things done a little bit here and there and I think making progress that way.  I am still not sure about live shows, though it has only been a week or two, I have already lost track of time.  But I will do my best to keep everyone up to date and informed.




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