KB Shutdown Update

As many of you have already have read or heard, the plan is for KB Radio and its sister Country station to go dark and silent as of May 1st.  Let me begin by saying thank you to so many of you who offered well wishes, support and thanks for the work I have done.  There have been generous offers to help with easing my work load etc if it will mean the difference in shutting down or not.   I had suggestions on how to make changes some good, some interesting, and some, well, some just interesting.

I appreciate that each and every email sent has been sent with good intentions, but I am not looking for assistance in operating the stations.  My plans were to go forward and expand, but it turns out the timing was just wrong.  I have a habit of keeping myself busy when dealing with stress to keep my mind off of things, and while the expansion ideas were sincere, and realistic, it was just with so much else going on outside of the radio portion of my life that it truly was silly to have even stated it.

I know a few people know what is going on in my personal life, within my family, and that is the leading factor in my decision.  I cannot stay focused enough to put out a good product when i do the live shows.  When the microphone goes on, I am just fine usually, but the moment it goes off, the life drains out of me.  I have worked very hard, with help of course, to build this to the level it has gotten to.  I refuse to put out a poor quality product, so it is better in my mind to not do it at all.

With that said, and after a lot of discussion with Veronica Phillips who I have come to count on a great deal with not just the Country station operations, I have decided instead of going off the air, we will leave both stations broadcasting as is, but with no live shows for the foreseeable future.

Let me try and answer a few questions you likely have:

1.Are there any more live shows left?

Yes!  There is one live show and that is next Wednesday night May 2nd, 2018.  It will have the usual Interview, and everything you are used to, except it will be the last live show for quite a while, or maybe for good.

2.What about the Indie Music?

At this point the Indie music that is programmed in will stay in the rotation.  My hope in all honesty is that with some of the pressure off, I will be able to review new music casually, add it into the rotation, but without the typical Wednesday night show and introductions.  If I begin to do this I will post this, so I will say that I encourage submissions to continue for both stations.

3. Is the Top 10 done?

Yes, at this point the Top 10 is done until such time the station either goes off the air permanently or we return to doing live shows.

4. What about Twitter and Facebook etc?

The music will continue to be posted as always to Twitter.  My plan is still to get rid of Facebook, though to be honest I am watching what they are doing these days to see if they plan on making legitimate changes.(Don’t really expect any)  Otherwise, I will try and watch the account when I can as I have, though I am sure you have noticed I am no wheres near as efficient in keeping up as I was before.  Veronica handles all the tweets for KB Country Radio and am sure she will continue to do so as before.

5.Do you really think you will be back or is this just a ploy?

This is definitely not a ploy, and I can say one thing with 100% certainty.  When I am able to come back, if the passion returns at that time as well, that everything will come back, better than ever.  But if I can’t deliver the best broadcast I am capable of, than it will go silent at that time.   I did have numerous offers as well to host shows for others, which will never happen.  Very flattering, but, why would I want to bring my listeners to someone else?

I hope this explains things a bit clearer in some ways, and at the same time, I ask that you please respect mine and my families privacy.  I look forward to talking when I can with all my friends on-line and around the world.



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