End of the line

While it was just a week ago that I was writing about future plans and looking forward with great anticipation, as you know, the world moves quickly these days and life changes in a hurry as well.  As such the previous mentioned plans are not only shelved I am sorry to announce the end of KB Radio and KB Country Radio.  I was going to let the music play out till the end of the month but that doesnt even seem to make sense, though I will leave it running for the time being.  All live shows are hereby cancelled.  Effectively at the end of the day April 30th 2018 both stations will stop broadcasting.

It has been an incredible but short journey.  There are too many people to thank, so I won’t even try to name them all.  They know who they are anyways.  I appreciate the efforts of those who supported me for so long.  As people know me for saying what I think as well, to those people that piped up and made big promises during the times when I was struggling to stay on the air, and than you bailed or disappeared.   Thank you to you too.  Its those situations that show a persons true colors and character and I would never have known just what rotten people you were.

Good luck to all the wonderful talented artists.


Al Yardy


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