Indie Station concept

As many of you know from listening, talking or working with me, KB Radio is anything but your normal Internet radio station.  I got my training in Radio College in the mid 80’s and I use my background in terrestrial radio (AM/FM) as a guideline for operation.  I have explained what that means before,  but for those that haven’t read that blog or heard it.  The two stations currently on air operate using a rotation based on a clock I developed.  This clock is based on categories of music and how you want songs to mix together and play through the hour and the day.  This is where I have done things different from many others, and almost everyone else initially I believe.  I mixed the indie music in with mainstream hits, in a set pattern, running them 24 hours a day and not just in their own special programs.  The stations also weren’t entirely dedicated to Indie Music, because as much as we all love the music, I am a realist and don’t think it is the draw.  I to be honest am not going to go into all the details, the reasoning etc or how exactly I program it, because I feel I have been fairly successful, and in this world of people being too lazy to do their own work, I have already seen others trying to duplicate what I do.  I can also claim, and have no problem putting it out publicly that the Jack Fm franchise, in some manner is a regular listener and rips off my programming.  They have the slogan playing what we want.  Since my station went on the air,  I have seen the expansion of their playlists with some rather obscure songs that I have been playing.  This isnt egotistical, because it’s not one or two songs.  They currently count over 50 tunes that they never played.  It of course could be just a giant co-incidence.

With all of that said, my approach while successful  is often short-term for some artists.  Since I approach the playlist and rotation in an old school fashion, songs stay in the playlist based on time, popularity etc, and after that, most go into the files. Some maybe get played on the odd show, and a very few get put into permanent rotation with the mainstream music if they were very popular and successful with the station.  There is also the issue with some music we get in that just doesn’t work for the station, but I will give it a play on the Indie show to give the artist some air time.  Everything that I want to do has to be complimentary to each other.  I do not want to create something that takes away from another station, or start another station but doesn’t have enough music to function properly.

Here is where my concept and ideas are sitting and I am looking for input.

  • KB Radio remains the same as it is, with no changes to programming.  It to me is where the music gets the most exposure, and I don’t want to mess with a proven formula.
  • KB Indie Radio would be 24 hours of Indie music.  When a song doesn’t quite fit on KB, it would still get that spin on the Indie show, but then would move to the Indie station.
  • When a song is done in the rotation on KB if not moving into permanent status it would move to the Indie Station.
  • There would still be limits to what can and would get played.  Without being rude we get a lot of bad music in.  If it doesn’t get at least one play on KB it won’t get played on the Indie station.  This will maintain a consistent quality of music on the station.
  • We play approximately 2500 songs a week on each station, give or take.  Using that number as a base,  I want to have a target number of songs that would be in the playlist for the indie station so that they are not just played once every 10 days or something silly like that.  I also don’t know how long songs should remain in the rotation.  Should I allow multiple titles from an artist.  Should there be different categories where some songs play more often than others.
  • The other factor that goes into that is the relaunch of KB AOR.  I did it too quickly before without enough time and preparation, which I admit, but I discovered the concept and idea was pretty widely accepted.  The more I have thought about it though the more I realize it is the perfect venue for some of the Indie Rock Bands as well.
  • Some artists therefore may move from KB to AOR.  But I am not planning on playing a song from an artist or band on multiple stations.  The key to me is focus on one target and work that direction with each song in this case.

I won’t slam or pick on other station or show hosts, because to be honest I don’t listen to them.  I don’t have the time or the interest generally.  I say that for two reasons.  First is because I am not just going to throw a bunch of indie tunes in a file and just let them play one after another.  Sorry if you want to call that radio, go ahead, I put a beanie on my head, where i white frock and drive around with a glass bubble over my head and I’m the pope.  The second reason is because i am focused on building these into 4 solid, radio stations with huge listener numbers.  I would like to see live DJ’s on all stations in the near future and I am setting things up to allow this to happen from anywhere in the world.  What that means is if someone in Glasgow is going to host a show on KB Radio, it will be as simple as them logging in right from where they are.  As I make the transition with the two current stations this coming week, you will start to see more consistent streaming and things slowly beginning to get better.  By the end of the coming week, both KB Radio and KB Country Radio will have built-in redundant streams so that if there is an issue with the new service, which has 99.9% uptime history,  I will have a secondary service that will be already working that will transition.  The plans for the end of this week show that KB Radio will only go off the air if I lose total power or internet or a million to one type situation that knocks out both systems.

Do things move quickly with me.   Hell yes.  Well not everything, but when I set my mind to something I like to just push ahead on a project like this.  I really am looking for input from Indie artists.  You are the people who have dealt with other stations and podcast etc around the world.  If you have worked with me for a short time or a long time I would like to know your thoughts and ideas.  Plus, if you have any thoughts about hosting a show, please let me know as well.  That won’t be happening tomorrow, but it is definitely something to be looking at and discussing.


KB Indie Logo test


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