The Top 10, Creation, compilation, voting, etc.

I have been asked before and have been asked again and i think I need to go into some detail about the process of the Top 10 on KB Radio.  I will try to keep my thoughts in some semblance of order, but you know me.

Sp lets start with the basics.  The top 10 is released new every week, on Friday night, based on a combination of factors.  40% from the voting, 40% from the requests that come in through the week, and the final 20% is through my calculations.  This part I continue to not share for the same reason.  Fans can vote every day and request every day to show who they like, which is wonderful because I want the majority of the decision to be based on these things.  But there are other criteria that go into the final 20% that can make a big difference.

So before we even get to the voting I have to compile a list of songs to vote for.  Well you can really vote for any song you want.  There is an option for write-ins with  the other vote, and in fact a couple of times, songs have gotten in using this and their requests combined.  The question that comes up is how come some songs aren’t on the list or are taken off the list.  I try to operate the list like a typical Top 40 where as when a song leaves the chart it tends to die off in popularity.  Indie music is a very different animal though.  So lets start with the songs on the list.  I usually use songs that I get requests for or have interaction with listeners about online through Twitter as an example.   Would I like to list every Indie song I play through the week, of course, but I rotate about 200 plus Indie tracks through the week.   That list would just be unmanageable, useless to voters, and time-consuming for me to create every single week.  Now your typical music chart is of new music releases.  Some of the Indie tracks on the Top 10 fit that criteria but others are older but new to KB Radio.

So we have our list of songs and fans vote and request and songs go up and come down, new songs come on and go off and the music flows and rotates.  It is a very hard balancing act trying to keep it totally up front, keep it fresh, because truthfully, if fan groups for 10 artists all got together and flooded the voting and requests, the top 10 would never change.  There in lies the problem and the difficulty.  How do you find the balance with fans who are so loyal to do that, but if enough did it, that it never changed.

This is where the other 20% comes in.  I use legitimate stats and information every week from a number of sources, and i look through every single vote and request that comes in.  Is it possible to present on a weekly basis 10 songs in a countdown that for the most part satisfies everybody, is reasonable as far as representing what KB Radio is all about musically, and is fair to artists and bands.   I also hope it doesn’t look like I took a dart board and there was no consistency from week to week, or that somebody was paying me to get favors and positions on the chart.

Let me ask you a question . If 2 songs get as an example 50 votes each for the week, however when you look at the voting, one has 10 voters who voted 5 times where the other song had 25 voters who voted twice each.  Does one hold more value over the other?

I guess what it truly comes down to is the fact that I present Indie music on KB Radio in a format the same as a mainstream radio station would.  When I get a new song it get puts into the rotation, in one of various rotation patterns to allow for listeners to become familiar with the songs.  With this same idea in mind I want the Top 10 to function in much the same way.  It is the way radio used to be.  A new song gets released.  People develop new favorites.  their new favorites climb the charts and knock off their old favorites.  The now old favorites disappear sometimes depending on the type of station but, like the way radio used to be, the favorites on KB Radio are moved into a permanent rotation.  Always to be played with the other classics that are in our lineup.  Could an artist have their fan base use the voting and requests to keep themselves in the Top 10, and could 9 others do the same thing at the same time. Well why couldn’t that same fan base vote for 10 songs by their favorite artist.  They absolutely could and the day that happens will be the last day of the Top 10.  That’s not a threat,  it’s just not what my values and ideas are or I want to present to the public.

I have had individuals stop talking to me in the past because their music dropped off the Top 10.  So as a person who is really trying hard to be as fair as possible, give as much exposure to as many artists as possible, have the Top 10 that offers even more exposure, how do I react.  The answer to that is in a blog like this.  I try to explain things, so everyone will understand, there’s no favoritism, and while there is no perfect system, I try to make it as transparent and friendly for everyone.  Beyond that, there’s not much I can do short of pulling the plug.   That will take a lot of frustration to do that. ha-ha   We are safe for now.

I don’t know if this answers all of or even any of the questions about the way I do things and compile this list every week.  I honestly probably put too much effort into it, but like so many other things in the radio and music industry, I think most of the charts are bogus and rigged.  I can give you names of listed charts that many of you reference weekly that are made up of artist that have bought those positions.  In many ways it’s probably even better if you crack those lists without having to pay to have your name there.  That’s not my plan here, and I likely wont even if you ask.  It would depend on my mood each day.

In closing I encourage any questions you have and any suggestions you may have as well towards a system that maybe is more fair or equitable than what I use.





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