KB’s Music and how to respond to ignorance!

I often find that writing is a form of letting off steam in a sense.  I have been told by a friend that they write things down, and then never mail them, etc.  I decided to try doing that and it actually does work.  But than again, I have been asked to explain something, and if I can kill two birds with one stone than maybe this is the perfect opportunity.

Lets start with an earlier blog of mine where I talked about music being submitted to KB Radio.  I commented that I do not play Rap music.  I went on to talk about the disgust I felt with some of the lyrics in music.  I have read it again and again, and the two sentences are not connected.  They are two separate thoughts that in some cases both the style of music and the language overlap.

When I decided to program the music for KB Radio, as a podcast and then expand into the 24 hour station, I went with a mix that I thought was missing on terrestrial radio.  I present shows the way you would hear dj’s in the past, thus; “The Way Radio Used To Be.”

The mix of music focused on the 70’s though the 90’s, a sprinkling of the 60’s in there and some from the 2000’s.  There are a couple newer songs, from the past couple years but not very many.  I didn’t want the rock too hard and pounding, trashy or thrash and I had no interest in pounding house music or Rap.  Not even a fan of any of them really.  Yep, I said it.  Why do I not want to play Rap or House music, dance music if you will.  There are two obvious reasons, first of all it doesn’t blend with whats playing the rest of the time, and most of all, you can hear it on a million other stations.

I wanted to, and have created a station that doesn’t sound like every other radio station.  If it sounds just like every other one, than why would anyone bother listening to mine.  Now at this point someone is saying, but you play Indie Music and its new.  That is true and if you listen to the station you will find that it fits with the music I play.  One of the differences in programming an internet station is my listeners truly are world-wide.  With this in mind, I am playing a mix of music for the most part from he past that is based on North American music charts.   As such there are people in other countries that have never heard some of the songs I play that are classics over here.  Even songs from Canada are not always available or known in the USA.  When you combine these types of songs and the indie songs, there is a mix of unknown music being played but because I all of the music is in a rotation I developed it helps the older lesser known songs and the new indie music become recognized.  This is done like any other song.  Listeners hear the same song repeatedly, they get to know it, and because of this I think I have developed a good reputation with many Indie Artists.

Than I get this in an email….

Hi at KBRadio,

I am a British artist living in Barbados ( I guess you could say enjoying the sunshine ). I express myself through music and explore all genres because I feel an artist should be allowed to expand on his/her creativity….basically feeling the vibes.

I have read your blog page on submission and understand what you said on not playing rap. Some of my songs are raps and there are nothing offensive in any of the lyrics. You only need to take a listen…I guess like you I am old school. My songs, rap or otherwise have humour…..I am just saying they are many types of rap forms.

Now it should be mentioned that I got a couple emails along the same lines, lol, but this one is special.  This artist included 2 Rap songs and another one he calls Hippidy Hop. (Ugh)  Yesterday while going through the music after reading this email and then getting another doing and saying the same thing,  I decided to post a tweet, in which I said someone had said I read your blog, blah blah blah than sent 3 rap songs.   The writer of the above email assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) I was talking about him, and first gave me shit because he only sent 2 rap songs.  That’s correct, the 3rd was Hippidy hop.  This began a back and forth in which he was upset because not all rap music has offensive lyrics, which is true, I never said it did, and I gave no reasonable explanation in my blog why I wouldn’t play rap music.  The same reason I don’t play Broadway musicals,  Opera, Gospel, carry News programming etc, it doesn’t fit what I play.

I tried to think of the perfect analogy to this situation and I think I finally came up with one.  This person with their music is like one of those religious people who knocks at your door, and when you say no thanks, they throw a bible and a bunch of literature in on the floor because you didn’t explain why you said no and obviously need to be enlightened.

The best part of all is that in the end he deleted all his comments and then blocked me.  I still haven’t blocked him, had no reason too really, other than being a pain in the ass, he hadn’t done anything wrong.  He capped it off with a pinned Tweet on his account today that says the following:

Any licensed radio station can choose to play music in any genre it like and say anything it likes.  However when what is said publicly (through their blog or otherwise) is deemed incorrect (an opinion) ANY citizen has the right to challenge it.


There is the original blog, unedited, for you to read if you want to waste more of your time.  So now a day later I complete this fixing a couple of spots and telling you why I bother to even do this.  I do it mainly because I have worked very hard to make things as easy as possible for Indie Artists to submit music and get played on KB Radio.  I work completely up front, and if someone asks a question I answer when I can.  I also try very hard to treat people the way they treat me, and really truthfully, I don’t give a rats ass about this jackass’s arguments or criticisms.  If they were legitimate than I would be concerned that I was being biased, but I slept very well last night.  I have been told many times by people who read these that they appreciate the insight into what goes into the operation of KB Radio and KB Country Radio.  I don’t look for anything from listeners, artists, fans etc, I just would like to offer the ability for those who care to see what I put into these operations and stations.

So that’s it in a nut shell.  I think I will post this, just because it is informative in a number of ways. As always, any questions please ask.






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