Looking forward? Is it even possible.

As 2018 continues to speed by, there have been certain goals that have been set and will hopefully be reached.  Last year saw tremendous growth, well beyond my expectations or even hopes.  Will that continue through 2018?  It is hard to imagine being able to duplicate that kind of growth again, but who knows.  My ultimate goal is to reach one more person.  I know that probably sounds lame, but the big picture is that it’s not about my goals.  The benefit of the growing listener base is of course the exposure for so many Indie Artists.  For that reason alone I would love to see it more than double, but I am not setting targets.  I want to keep doing what is working, reaching out, and sharing the music, and it will take care of itself.

My main goal is for KB Country Radio.  With it still being new in many ways, I am targeting growth like I saw on KB Radio last year.  I believe we have the best country mix and as the word spreads that we are spinning country music again, I expect to see some natural growth.  Country music fans are among the most loyal of music fans anywhere.

We have already put the new Sunday night Indie music show on hiatus for a short time.  Scheduling conflicts etc have made it impossible to complete in a quality fashion.  I would rather not have a show, than have one that sucks.  This won’t stop the playing of Indie Music either, and you will continue to hear it and see it live tweeted from both stations.

One big announcement is the shutting down of KB AOR.   I still believe in that music format and that type of station and project.  But the bottom line, is I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it right now, to bring a quality product to the air.  The station isn’t gone forever, and at some time down the road you will see it return, but it will return in a big way when the time is right.  The website never really grew beyond the basics and it will be removed as well for now.

At the risk of sounding ignorant, I have stopped responding to some emails.  I will give you a perfect example of the kind I mean.  I have had a large number looking for KB Radio to play show tunes, you know like from Broadway Musicals, but all original and Independent.  I politely explained we don’t play that style or format of music, but they continue to send them.  I won’t waste my time.  I had a slew of emails recently from some disgruntled people as well.  Don’t expect any response from me, I would rather focus my time on responding to good people.

We go into 2018 with a lot of stresses in personal lives, that unfortunately have led to some show cancellations etc.  To those who have reached out in concern, thank you, I/we will get through everything and as always try to come out the other side stronger and better for it.  Feel free to comment and as always feel free to email   kbradio@rogers.com




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