December 29th Top 10 voting irregularities

I am not going to sugar coat anything.  When individuals vote it records a lot of information.  this info for me is nothing more than a way to double-check voting and that it is being completed and a legitimate fashion.  This weeks voting included one artist that received 377 votes.  Of this number 305 came from 2 cities approximately 50 miles or 80 km apart in the USA.  It further breaks down to 3 devices only which means that each device votes 100 times in a 7 day period.

This has forced me to disqualify all votes from this individual.  I am confident it is not the artist involved in any way, so I have not disqualified their music because of what appears to be one overzealous fan.  Further to that I have strengthened the protocols for voting in such a way that hopefully this once again makes this tougher to do.   I would suggest to the individual(s) who do this, who probably will never read this anyway, don’t look for away around this security.  I would rather you vote legitimately than have me be forced to block you or worse yet, disqualify your favorite artist, because of these irregularities.

I strive week in and week out to provide a legitimate voting platform, that is totally transparent and accountable.  Lets work together to maintain that going forward.

For those who vote legitimately and frequently, thank you.

Al Yardy


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