Top 40 Countdown Information

Approximately 6 weeks ago I post a voting list for a Top 40 songs for the year 2017 on KB Radio.  To say that I was blown away by the response would be an understatement.  The sad part was that it was impossible to notify everybody about this going on.  From my last blog you will see the list of Artists involved and played on KB Radio in the last year, so it would be impossible to notify everyone individually.  Towards the final couple weeks it seemed to be growing in momentum as the word spread further and I suspect if we had another couple of weeks it would have blown open even wider.  But I am excited as I said by the response and we recorded nearly 4000 votes.

Over the last couple days that information was combined with the other information, being the requests through the year.   At each level as we went we looked at the data and the results and how the music lined up.  When we got to the final data to be input as well we repeated this analysis in more ways than I thought was possible.

The result was that no matter how we crunched the numbers the main list always came up the same.  Sure a few songs were in a slightly different position, maybe 1 or 2 spots but as one would hope for, the vast majority never moved.  This tells me that the system was working perfectly and the final result is overall almost entirely based on what listeners and fans wanted.

Just so you know how it worked once again.  On a normal top 10 it is 40% on the votes, 40% on requests through that week , and the final 20% is a combination of samples I put in, that remain only to my knowledge.  This allows for the fans and listeners to really control the outcome for the most part, but not 100%.  This is only done because no matter how hard you try some will play with the system, and this does stop those individuals.  For the Top 40 I used the same 40% from the voting but only 20% on requests.  I dropped it this way because I only began the chart in late April, and before that time, there was no voting and not as many requests documented.  The final 40% comes from a combination of those extra unknown quantities and using a panel of judges going through as well.

When the data was all put together it quickly became obvious how things were going to fall into place.  We crunched numbers in different fashions, ie; changing the percentages back to the weekly system, and no matter how we did it, things ended up exactly the same at the top, and virtually identical all the way to number 40.  When we reviewed the final data, and comparisons, I was beyond pleased, because it worked so well, and truly identified a solid Top 40 that I stand behind, and if asked could provide every detail to show it is as upfront as any list you will find.

Thank you everyone for your participation.  The official list will be posted on the site after we air the Top 40 tonight.




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