Chart idea, lets work together.

This is my second version of this blog because to be honest my first version, while it felt good to write took issue with a few people and how they conduct business.  It showed the inequities, lies and misrepresentation that some people use and portray and share on the internet as truths.

But not only am I better than that, I think my idea can stand on its own merits without having to expose the losers.   lol

I have been wondering what could be done to better help promote Indie Artists while also giving a truly accurate and transparent method of showing multiple stations charts.    I came up with the idea of an independent website, through one of the free providers like Wix or Weebly.  On this site any station that wants to participate can submit their weekly  or monthly chart.  That chart will be posted directly to the site as is, in a JPEG format, with a link to whatever page you which to link to.  We can either set up an image above the chart for station logo’s or incorporate into the Charts, personally I think just a separate image that is posted once and never has to change is easiest.  There would be NO MASTER TOP 40!  This would only be a site that offers information for artists and other stations about other stations charts.  Each week when a new chart is presented it would replace the previous,  and I would like to leave the past weeks accessible as well.  the history could be obtained either as every chart as a whole, the way it was presented or each stations history on its own.

What are the pluses to such an idea.  As a station operator I like to know about other music that I am not aware of that may fit into my programming.  As an artist it offers one location they can go every week, to see how their music is doing on multiple stations very simply.  I truly believe this could be a method for opening doors for even better interaction between all.  I do realize that as stations we are all really competing for the same listeners and fans, but we also are presenting independent artists music to as many people as possible.

I am prepared to offer to maintain and handle the site and all incoming chart lists.  I would suggest they be sent to an independent email address that I would create just for this, submit by Saturday each week, and they would be posted Sundays every week.  Also on the site will be a forum that is open and not moderated for artists, stations and listeners to comment or promote as they see fit.  Any question about accuracy in the postings can be easily pointed out if anyone is suspicious.  We all use Twitter daily and frequently which makes the transparency all the more important because it will be very easy to call me out for the postings.

There is of course the possibility down the road we could expand beyond this simple posting idea, but for the time being lets focus on doing one thing, doing it openly and accurately and doing it right.

I would encourage anyone who thinks this is a good idea and who may be interested in taking part in this to email me AL Yardy at:


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