Top 10 Voting and year end Voting

I have had a couple of discussions recently with a number of people, listeners and artists, about the top 10.  This week was a perfect example where one artist had a good lead over the next highest in voting at the end of the week.  Each week I use a combination of factors to determine the top 10 songs.  Lets start with that voting represents 40% of the contributors.  Song requests are another very important factor and they represent 40% as well.  The remaining 20% is based on a combination of information that I collect each week.  This information is the one element that I don’t make public.  Voting and requests can be manipulated, and I am not saying they are.  We ask fans to vote and make requests which gives the fans 80% control over who is the top 10 each week.  That final 20% is entirely based on the music, the artist or band and KB Radio.  This is a Top 10 for KB Radio, so non station related information is not relevant or counted in any way.

By doing things in this manner, it allows not only the fans to have a big voice in the decision, but it also leaves an element of surprise.  It is great to see the voting and the requests each week, so please don’t stop helping your favorites.

For the Year Ending Top 40 a similar system is in play.  The voting for this list will have 40% of the total towards the Top 40.  The requests are going to play a smaller part at only 20%, and while I have a record for all the requests, they go back to before we began our Top 10 lists.  This should offer some balance since some of the groups listed or others that could be written in may have been played and more popular on KB before we began the chart system.   This leaves 40% which again is based on the same criteria I didn’t tell you about before plus using a panel of judges to review as well.

I try to keep things as open as possible and welcome any questions and comments.  You can comment here on the blog or send an email to




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