Announcements A Plenty!!!

Lets start with the KB Radio announcements.  First and foremost is that KB Radio will survive beyond the new year and for many years to come hopefully.  Although we are yet to reach our target in the fundraising, a very generous donor has come forward anonymously and purchased outright a crucial piece of equipment needed to keep operating.  There are no words to express the thanks I have for this, and everyone’s contributions so far to this cause.

Sticking with KB Radio, there will be a new option for voting for the Top 40 Indie songs for the past year on KB.  Voting will begin as soon as I can update the web-page.  There are approximately 60 names and songs on the voting list and of course there will be the option for write in votes also.  The top 40 will be based on a combination of votes, past requests and the usual tabulations.  Voting will be held from now until December 24th 2017 and the Top 40 Indie Songs of the Year will be brought to you on December 27th.  Hopefully a nice listening option between the hustle of Christmas and New Years.

Also coming to KB Radio is a new Indie show feature from Patrick, of Ghostly Beard fame.  He is going to be giving us the Ghostly Beard pick of the week, featuring a great indie artist that will in some cases may be a familiar name to KB listeners, and sharing some new names as well.  This will be starting Wednesday November 15th on our Indie Show, and we are excited to be including this feature on KB.

KB Country Radio

Starting Sunday November 19th there are two new shows coming to KB Country.  Every Sunday at 9pm we are pleased to be welcoming “The Real Texas Radio Show” to our airwaves.  This show is recorded live outside of a studio on stage at LSA Burger.  Hear great interview and live versions of great Indie Country artists.   Boxed around Real Texas Radio is a new Indie Show as well, hosted by myself Al Yardy and welcoming Veronica Phillips to the microphone as well.  We will do one hour before and after Real Texas Radio, showcasing great Indie Country artists as well and spotlighting one artist and their music each hour.  Everything begins at 8PM EST on November 19th.

KB AOR Album Oriented Rock

I am pleased to off a third listening option for music fans.  KB AOR goes back to the early days of FM radio for its styling.  It featured tracks off of great albums that you weren’t hearing on Top 40 or contemporary radio.  The stations were entirely music based, not focusing on the entertainment of the dj, but rather just great music back to back.  Let me correct that, great Rock and Roll.  The idea of Classic Rock evolved out of this Radio format, but if you recall the lyrics for the band “Bowling for Soup” and their tune “1985”, : “When did Motley Crue become Classic Rock?”   Will you hear tracks that may have been popular or hits?  From time to time you will, mixed in, but the focus is on the other tracks.  The bulk of the music will be from the late 60’s to the 90’s.  However, great albums from the 2000s will be added to the mix and looking at the option of including some great Indie Rock as well.  There are no intentions at this time to offer live shows, but anything is possible as time goes on.  

The Website is still in development, but you can listen to the stream here.

Twitter: @KB_AOR_CAN

I am very excited about all of the new developments that are happening within the KB Radio family.  We encourage continued interaction and always welcome suggestions.

All music submissions for KB and KB country continue to come to

A huge thank you to everyone for the continued support and encouragement. 


Al Yardy




One thought on “Announcements A Plenty!!!

  1. Real happy for Veronica for getting a chance to be heard on the radio! Great job VEE! 150% behind you! , Congratulations Jack Phillips!!


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