Never discuss politics, except:

There are only a few topics in my world that I don’t mention publicly. Politics is the biggest subject to avoid when I broadcast or write because it can be so decisive. A perfect example happened this morning with a friend who generally I can discuss anything with. Politics, not a chance. It is of course entirely caused by two different view points, but I like to think of myself in many ways as a neutral third-party.

When I get up in the morning I read through various news services about what is going on in the world. The service I use, will have the headline for a story and then offer multi other news sources for the same story. It is fascinating to read a story and see how many different variations there can be to the exact same subject. The thing I find most comical is that many of the people writing or giving these stories are too you to have enough experience to understand a lot of what they are talking about.

My debate this morning came down to the point about what is reported and what is not said. I maintain both sides are guilty. Everybody has an agenda and news no longer is an unbiased reporting of facts. If you want the whole youth, you won’t get it from any news service.

Case in point. The recent incident with US President and the soldier killed in action. Did he say what is reported, only three people know for sure. One side of the press is slamming the Democrat who was in the vehicle with the family. They report she was eavesdropping and doesn’t really know what was said. It was reported that the call was on speaker phone by one side. One side contends that the family member has not spoken out or agreed with what was claimed to have been said. The other side interviewed that family member who stated publicly it was exactly what was reported. Now John Kelly is slamming the Democrat as well, with the use of a racially insensitive comment. The bottom line in this, who cares what the President said. This an emotionally elevated time, and a climate where words are misunderstood or misspoke. Everyone should just shut the hell up and let this poor family grieve. What a freaking circus this has become.

It is not just in the US that this type of reporting and actions are taking place. Here in Canada it happens constantly and has for years. I read news from around the world, from local sources not from our perspective here in North America.  It happens and is happening everywhere, and there is no good that is coming or will come from all of this.

It was funny that one of the hot points and has been in discussions with other people is the perspective of basically cause and effect.  A government in many ways function like a business but are also extremely different.  What happens when a government in any country changes who is the governing party is often not immediately felt.  Every government will offer programs and platforms many of which are a long term in nature and implementation.  This leads us to the fact that changes are not always felt within the time one government is in power.  Some of these changes take years for the effects to be felt, and sometimes even are never felt because the changing government cancels the program as soon as they take power.  It is a tit for tat situation that is in no way effective for anybody.  Every political party has their own platforms and viewpoints, and the bottom line is that none is perfect.  Ideally a government that functioned properly would take the best of both parties and implement programs that are beneficial to the country and the population.   HAHAHAHA!  That will never happen anywhere, of that I am sure.  But here is what happens, with my thought that it takes time for some effects to be felt from changes.  But in a new government after 6 months or a year or even longer some times, if there are problems with the economy the party that is in power will say, this is from the previous government because it takes time for things to take effect.  If it’s a positive situation in the country the government will say it is their actions that have made the difference.

Its called spin and it is bullshit.  They are both right.  Some effect will be felt immediately, businesses react to different governments, stock markets, dollar values and many others will fluctuate with a change.  Once again if governments on all sides, and I wont just say both because in countries like here in Canada there are multiple political parties involved in government.

So is this blog about my discussion this morning.  Nope, though I am sure it will be disputed.  This blog is about some of the reasons I stay away from politics in my posts, and my broadcasts.  Despite the fact that in many countries it is stated that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as we see all over the world, it has become normal to clash when one group opposes an others viewpoint.  It really is a sad state for society when you think about it, but at the same time, not surprising.  Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame even if it is at the expense of others.



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