Buying followers or traffic?

I am not going to be writing a long blog, and it probably will come off as more of a rant than anything else, but I am tired of the endless stream of assholes trying to sell followers or traffic to my website, twitter account, etc etc.  The latest one today, from right away shows just how illegitimate these operators are and what a waste their offers will be.  I get an email to one of my radio accounts, the request account, which of course is an account that only gets emails, never sends.   I know of course i would never register for a site like this because I despise parasites, but at the bottom of the email it says, to unsubscribe, click the link to our site and  unsubscribe is in the footer.  My first question is why the hell should I have to go to a website I never subscribed too.  the only reason of course is every click shows more traffic to their site, no matter if its to unsubscribe or actually look into throwing your money away on their shitty product.  I get there on my tablet, and unsubscribe doesnt come up on the mobile site, so I click chat, and ask how to unsubscribe from something I didnt subscribe to.  The wonderful customer service on top of their crappy site, sends me a link to unsubscribe, but before I can click that link, closes the chat, and the conversation and link disappears.  So guess what to get my name off their stupid mailing list I of course could just mark as spam, but now I am really pissed off so of course have to return to their site one more time, on my pc and there is the unsubscribe link.

No they aren’t offering their fortune because they are a Saudi prince who has been kicked out of the kingdom, or have hijacked your pc until you pay a ransom.  But at least with thieves like those, you know they are thieves.  These people hide behind sites, with bogus names, and garbage ideas, going after people who usually can’t afford to be wasting money on crap like this.  So I promised them some press, and not all press is good, and I will continue to talk about them on air.  If you want to go and use their service, be my guest, but I would encourage one person to just go and mention in a comment this blog, to let them know, I am getting their message out.

Whew, oh and I did move them to spam too.



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