Live Shows Returning

The generosity of some people will always amaze me, although I try and do the same thing myself.   I have been given some equipment to use on loan so that I may start to do live shows again.  Effective next Monday June 26th I will begin doing the shows that normally aired Monday to Friday.  Weekends will for now be nonstop music, commercial free.

All show times are Eastern Daylight Time, and will run at their usual times 8pm to midnight

Monday 70’s show

Wednesday Indie Music Show (Including the Top 10, and all Indie music.  Unable to do interviews at this time so it will be all music for the 4 hour show)

Thursdays 80’s show

Friday All Request Show

The ability to do interviews is extremely difficult and as such , I wont be doing or airing any for the time being.  I have however restored most of the website and that includes the voting for the Indie Top 10.  I encourage everyone to start voting again for a brand new Top 10.

With that said as well, this equipment is just that, on loan.  We have set a target date for the End of July and although I don’t know if its realistic to achieve the overall goal, I am hoping to be in a position to replace the equipment I have on loan, at the minimum by that date.  Either way, that is the next target date and no decisions will be made until that time.  It is still entirely possible that KB will go off the air, be it permanently or for an extended absence.

We will deal with all possibilities when necessary.

thanks again to everyone, and see you Monday night at 8.


al yardy


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