KB Radio goes off air permanently

When I began this journey over 18 months ago, I never thought I would reach the level that I did.  However as fantastic as that is and has been it will end effective Midnight June 30th 2017.

After a major failure in my broadcast equipment I reluctantly started a Go Fund Me campaign.  I was encourage by a number of people to do this, and did so reluctantly.  I have never been comfortable with putting my hand out, but running a station is not cheap.  I have done everything to date out of my own pocket and alone.  That is not a complaint in any way, because I have loved every minute of it.  But the reality is I cobbled together a set up and as effective in some ways as it was, many ways behind the scenes it was a struggle.  If things hadn’t failed I would still be doing it that way, but the reality is that to try and piece meal things together again is not in the cards.  To run things properly I need to start with a board to mix and run everything through.  There are cheap models for podcasting, but they are designed for 1 hr broadcasts not operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  My best option is just over $3000 for that one piece of equipment and with exchange rates me being in Canada, duty, taxes etc comes out to more than $4000.  That is just the start of what needs to be replaced, and I just don’t have the money to do that out of my pocket any more.  I had been convinced in some ways that if only 1 out of every 4 listeners gave $1 I would be fine.  LOL  I am not cynical but I forgot momentarily that it is a me first world,  and very quick to throw away and move on.

What most people don’t know is I retired in 2013 due to an injury.  I don’t tell you that for any reason other to understand, I am not out working 9 to 5 with making other disposable income.  There is no well for me to dip into.  lol  I wouldn’t have it any other way either.  I have never been happier in my life.

The music in the system is programmed to run out June 30th, so instead of just turning things off I will just let it play out.  to those who have already donated I will withdraw the money and return it to you, and I thank you for your gracious donations.  I do not want anyone thinking this is a tactic on my part or sour grapes.  Its neither and just life, but at the current rate for donations I could look at getting thing up and running again in almost a year.  that just is not a reasonable option on anyone’s part.

I want to thank everyone for listening, the friendships I have built and more.  I won’t start listing names, because I would miss someone for sure.

To the indie music artists I say keep fighting.  The amount of great music that crossed my desk every week was phenomenal.. Keep fighting for your dream.


Al Yardy

KB Radio


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