KB Radio Status

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.   Over the past 48 hours while dealing with some personal family issues, another issue came up, which is the catastrophic failure of my studio.  To say things went up in smoke, would not put it quite clear enough, but the end result is more than 3/4 of all equipment and electronics have been compromised and destroyed.  KB Radio is currently running as an automated station entirely right now and all live shows have been cancelled.  As such I have disabled most of the kbradio webpage including voting for the top ten etc.

It is the kind of damage that insurance will not cover, so my next step is one of two things.  To try and raise funds to get everything back up and running or to shut the station down permanently.

I have truly mixed emotions, and while I set up a go fund me page, i have never been a person who puts my hand out.   As such I am going to take a few days to consider other possible options and decide which way to proceed going forward.

I thank all of the regular listeners and the indie artists who I try and support with air play on KB Radio.  the outpouring of support and messages have been overwhelming and very much appreciated.

I hope to have a decision and news by the end of the coming week, around June 16th.

thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy the music.  The playlist and rotation is the same as it was before this began.

Al Yardy

KB Radio



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