The Ultimate Decision

I last wrote about the pro’s and cons and possible ramifications about posting comments, support in politics, etc and how it could affect what you are doing.  I focused on the entertainment industry but it can go beyond that into any business and lets face it personal life.

My dilemma is not one in fact.  I wrote the original post with the hopes that it may be of some assistance.  It was inspired because of a number of recent events, and again this morning I am reading a post from an entertainer that I have a problem with.  I will not get into a debate about the issue, my views are just that, they are mine and personal.  If we ever get to be close friends than I am sure we will have learned about each other views in many topics.

But this morning I removed that person from all social media and pulled their music from being played.  Some may say that is harsh, but the way the world works now, by following or promoting someone you are by default also support their public views.  If I had an image of say a burning cross on my website, or FB page etc, how many of you would distance your selves from me.

I once again would ask is the potential harm worth the risk compared to the potential gain by maintaining that contact.  I will not let people get in the way of my progress.  I work very hard at my goals and refuse to be put in a position where it appears I am supporting something controversial etc.

I haven’t notified this person, because there is nothing to be gained by it.  I was trying to decide whether to even write this blog.  But I decided once again information is important when it is passed out in a proper manner.

Please understand also, this decision, no matter how popular or unknown this person may have been was not easy.  It also was not over a topic as simple as they think putting whipped cream on ice cream is horrible.  It did, and always will have to be of a significant and controversial nature.  I also don’t want this taken in any way as a threat.  I am just a very small cog in an extremely large wheel, but if I were to get notice from a superstar that I was being asked to stop playing their music, because of something I said, did or supported, would be the potential for a quick ending of my dreams.  It only takes one, to start something.


I hope this is informative only……

Thursday January 19, 2017

I was asked a question regarding this, and it got me thinking how arrogant this probably sounds.  It is not meant to sound that way, and if it comes across like that I apologize.  One thing I did not add and was remiss about is the trickle effect, for lack of a better term.  If someone supports another person who has views I can’t support or endorse, it in no way changes my opinion of anyone else.  We all live by a certain standard, and no one standard is right or wrong in my opinion.  If i were to follow that practice I would very soon find myself all alone on an island.


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