Christmas 2016

As Christmas day ends, I sit reading the news, and can’t help but wonder about this world we live in.  Singer George Michael died earlier today, another in a long list of entertainers this year that we have lost, a Russian airplane clashed into the black sea, killing among others the Alexandrov military music ensemble.  You do not have to be a fan of music in any form to enjoy this group.  You can see videos on YouTube etc, and they are so typical in Russian precision but also so amazing to listen to.  In news around this regions your mix of fires that killed families on Christmas day, our local police shot and killed a man, which here in Canada is fairly rare.  In fact in this city, London, Ontario the last death in a police shooting was 17 years ago.

I am looking for some kind of good news story, something to say that it really isn’t that bad, but damn our society is so driven by negativity.  Add to that the must have it right now attitude and than move on to the next thing, it makes me wonder if maybe I am one of the sane ones.  That’s a scary thought for anyone who knows me.

I wonder when this kind of mentality will change in society.  there is a belief that it has to change from within, but that’s like trying to stop a steam roller with a bunch of ants.    We need to make changes soon, before it gets to be unchangeable.  There was a fairly high profile trial around here recently that was called a mistrial.  it was a case of a younger couple who had a couple kids, and a very young son was scaled with boiling water all down his front.  He was never taken to a doctor and eventually died from the injuries.  So there are two parts to the disappointment in this story.  The first is, people like one of the couples mothers knew about the injury, and one night there was even a baby sitter in the house, yet nobody else had the nerve to call the police, or just load the kid into a car and take him to a hospital.

It was called a mistrial because one of the parents charged had a medical emergency, and was in hospital.  the trial was called and have to be redone.  The follow up to that is a couple days after the mistrial one of the jurors from the trial killed themselves.  Was it related to the trial, there is no word, but if you are someone suffering from depression already something like this, would be tough to deal with.

So when are we as a society going to stand up for what truly is right and wrong.  We don’t have to go back 100 years in time, but than again, kids back than treated parents and elders with respect.  It wasn’t perfect, but life sure would have been a slower pace and less filled with garbage and hate.



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