1 Week to Christmas 2016

A number of years ago the joy of Christmas left, I don’t want to say for good, but pretty damn close.  Christmas used to be a time, for me anyway, when family and friends came over on Christmas eve.  A quick drink, some friendly conversation and a fun evening.  I grew up with this and enjoyed that as much as Christmas Day itself.  As we grow up Christmas gets so hectic, that when you have kids and two sets of Grandparents it just seems to be go go go.  That isn’t a complaint in some ways, I have many friends who don’t have that option from losing their parents.  As the family gets bigger, it spreads out even more, and all you see is stress among so many.  They are trying to work out schedules to visit with family.  Son and girlfriend, both of them divorced parents, some grandparents still in the mix and pulling hair out.  I tell them, Christmas isn’t just a 24 hour period.  Its the season.  Make time that works for yourself, and plan the least flexible of family first.  Lets face it, if you try and plan them in later, they will never be happy.  Though chances are, they won’t be happy the other 364 days a year as well, so in my opinion…why bother.

I said to my sons, would you rather run from place to place Christmas day, short visits, or come and visit me on the 26th or 27th, and spend half a day or more, their choice.  Smart boys, they will visit around Christmas day, and we will have some family time.  I refuse to stress over it.  I don’t have a tree, and have no plans for one.  Others give me the Bah Humbug, saying I am a Grinch.  I may be, or quite possibly like the rest of the year, its the rest of the world that’s crazy and I’m the only sane one.

Now that’s a scary thought for you.

Merry Christmas


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