The Craziness of Society

When did it become societies right to know everything that is going on about anyone and have the ability to comment on others or situations with little or no repercussions.  An individual can spread lies and make malicious statements, with no basis of truth, and there is little to nothing that can be done.  If you word your statements properly, so there is an implication of who you may be speaking about, but not actually naming them, there is nothing that can be done.  I discovered recently that in Canadian law anyways, unless someone makes a threat of physical violence police have nothing they can do legally.  They will tell you if someone is slandering you on Facebook or Twitter or some other form of social media, than just ignore it.  If it is more than just that, you can apply for a court order that will sanction the person against making statements about you.  But you still need proof that someone is doing or causing you problems, and that is not easy.  According to the law, even if they can track it back to an individual computer in a persons home, they can just say they didn’t say it, and others have access to the computer.  Therefore there is no way to know specifically who did it, so it ends there.  If you manage to get a court order, at that point if the harassment continues, you can again bring the police in and they can than deal with it based on the court order.

But it really is not that simple.  Despite all of that I can’t help but wonder when society changed, or maybe it didn’t.  Maybe this has always been there, in the past in the form of cliques and groups of people talking about someone behind there back.  Now instead of that, they just post their shit online.  I was involved recently in an incident where a group of people openly carried on a conversation about me, making bogus statements, and generally talking shit.  Although they never mentioned me by name, it was obvious who they were discussing.  The best part is really they think they have upset me.  I have no use for such petty bullshit.  I guess since these people and others are really just acting like immature children, maybe the police are right.  Just ignore it.  I certainly don’t have to go where these posts happen, and really have no other reason to be there.

Maybe that really is the best way.  I would think though that as I have passed 50 years of age and others i generally deal with are in the same age bracket, that this kind of behavior would have been left in the past.  hmmm  Maybe, if I hold my breath until they stop talking about me, they will feel bad and stop saying nasty things. Than again, I could just stamp my feet and have a tantrum..

Better yet, I can end this blog and just move on with my day.  I have already wasted too much of my time on stupid people.



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