The Problem With Racism

After what can only be described as a difficult past couple of weeks for people everywhere, but particularly in the United States, if you are a Social Media user you will have been flooded with shows of solidarity and unity. But even these images stop far short of the the real issue and what is really happening in the world. I provide for you a simple analogy of what is happening.
Imagine if you will a group of 100 people who are all for the sake of argument learning how to dance. Time after time, they are all shown the proper steps, and each time they run through the choreography 3 of the individuals don’t follow along. No matter how many times they repeat the process and show them what the steps are, they for what ever reason have decided they want no part of it. But, they don’t have a choice. They have to be there. This of course frustrates the 97 who get it and understand the steps.
In comparison, racism and bigotry are no different. Just because people post pictures of solidarity and demand for changes, you are not going to change people overnight. Those that fall into the two categories have no interest in what is being said about how wrong they are. It doesn’t matter how many times you shove it in their face, it won’t work and will likely just make them angrier. In the USA the Civil Rights Act was only enacted less than 50 years ago. In South Africa it was barely 20 years ago that Apartheid ended.
So how does any logical and reasonable person figure that things will change overnight. It doesn’t mean there should not be efforts. We absolutely must promote, equality, but do it understanding, that it was a couple thousand years to get to the point of change, do not expect it to become completely excepted so quickly.

No matter who is involved when you see the consequences of gun violence or any violence, it saddens me and people around the world. But that is our world. You cannot build a house with the snap of your fingers, you need one board and one nail at a time. So don’t give up the fight for equality, just make sure there are realistic expectations. Lets build a better society for the coming generation, much like many of our ancestors did for us.


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