The Top 10, Creation, compilation, voting, etc.

I have been asked before and have been asked again and i think I need to go into some detail about the process of the Top 10 on KB Radio.  I will try to keep my thoughts in some semblance of order, but you know me.

Sp lets start with the basics.  The top 10 is released new every week, on Friday night, based on a combination of factors.  40% from the voting, 40% from the requests that come in through the week, and the final 20% is through my calculations.  This part I continue to not share for the same reason.  Fans can vote every day and request every day to show who they like, which is wonderful because I want the majority of the decision to be based on these things.  But there are other criteria that go into the final 20% that can make a big difference.

So before we even get to the voting I have to compile a list of songs to vote for.  Well you can really vote for any song you want.  There is an option for write-ins with  the other vote, and in fact a couple of times, songs have gotten in using this and their requests combined.  The question that comes up is how come some songs aren’t on the list or are taken off the list.  I try to operate the list like a typical Top 40 where as when a song leaves the chart it tends to die off in popularity.  Indie music is a very different animal though.  So lets start with the songs on the list.  I usually use songs that I get requests for or have interaction with listeners about online through Twitter as an example.   Would I like to list every Indie song I play through the week, of course, but I rotate about 200 plus Indie tracks through the week.   That list would just be unmanageable, useless to voters, and time-consuming for me to create every single week.  Now your typical music chart is of new music releases.  Some of the Indie tracks on the Top 10 fit that criteria but others are older but new to KB Radio.

So we have our list of songs and fans vote and request and songs go up and come down, new songs come on and go off and the music flows and rotates.  It is a very hard balancing act trying to keep it totally up front, keep it fresh, because truthfully, if fan groups for 10 artists all got together and flooded the voting and requests, the top 10 would never change.  There in lies the problem and the difficulty.  How do you find the balance with fans who are so loyal to do that, but if enough did it, that it never changed.

This is where the other 20% comes in.  I use legitimate stats and information every week from a number of sources, and i look through every single vote and request that comes in.  Is it possible to present on a weekly basis 10 songs in a countdown that for the most part satisfies everybody, is reasonable as far as representing what KB Radio is all about musically, and is fair to artists and bands.   I also hope it doesn’t look like I took a dart board and there was no consistency from week to week, or that somebody was paying me to get favors and positions on the chart.

Let me ask you a question . If 2 songs get as an example 50 votes each for the week, however when you look at the voting, one has 10 voters who voted 5 times where the other song had 25 voters who voted twice each.  Does one hold more value over the other?

I guess what it truly comes down to is the fact that I present Indie music on KB Radio in a format the same as a mainstream radio station would.  When I get a new song it get puts into the rotation, in one of various rotation patterns to allow for listeners to become familiar with the songs.  With this same idea in mind I want the Top 10 to function in much the same way.  It is the way radio used to be.  A new song gets released.  People develop new favorites.  their new favorites climb the charts and knock off their old favorites.  The now old favorites disappear sometimes depending on the type of station but, like the way radio used to be, the favorites on KB Radio are moved into a permanent rotation.  Always to be played with the other classics that are in our lineup.  Could an artist have their fan base use the voting and requests to keep themselves in the Top 10, and could 9 others do the same thing at the same time. Well why couldn’t that same fan base vote for 10 songs by their favorite artist.  They absolutely could and the day that happens will be the last day of the Top 10.  That’s not a threat,  it’s just not what my values and ideas are or I want to present to the public.

I have had individuals stop talking to me in the past because their music dropped off the Top 10.  So as a person who is really trying hard to be as fair as possible, give as much exposure to as many artists as possible, have the Top 10 that offers even more exposure, how do I react.  The answer to that is in a blog like this.  I try to explain things, so everyone will understand, there’s no favoritism, and while there is no perfect system, I try to make it as transparent and friendly for everyone.  Beyond that, there’s not much I can do short of pulling the plug.   That will take a lot of frustration to do that. ha-ha   We are safe for now.

I don’t know if this answers all of or even any of the questions about the way I do things and compile this list every week.  I honestly probably put too much effort into it, but like so many other things in the radio and music industry, I think most of the charts are bogus and rigged.  I can give you names of listed charts that many of you reference weekly that are made up of artist that have bought those positions.  In many ways it’s probably even better if you crack those lists without having to pay to have your name there.  That’s not my plan here, and I likely wont even if you ask.  It would depend on my mood each day.

In closing I encourage any questions you have and any suggestions you may have as well towards a system that maybe is more fair or equitable than what I use.





KB’s Music and how to respond to ignorance!

I often find that writing is a form of letting off steam in a sense.  I have been told by a friend that they write things down, and then never mail them, etc.  I decided to try doing that and it actually does work.  But than again, I have been asked to explain something, and if I can kill two birds with one stone than maybe this is the perfect opportunity.

Lets start with an earlier blog of mine where I talked about music being submitted to KB Radio.  I commented that I do not play Rap music.  I went on to talk about the disgust I felt with some of the lyrics in music.  I have read it again and again, and the two sentences are not connected.  They are two separate thoughts that in some cases both the style of music and the language overlap.

When I decided to program the music for KB Radio, as a podcast and then expand into the 24 hour station, I went with a mix that I thought was missing on terrestrial radio.  I present shows the way you would hear dj’s in the past, thus; “The Way Radio Used To Be.”

The mix of music focused on the 70’s though the 90’s, a sprinkling of the 60’s in there and some from the 2000’s.  There are a couple newer songs, from the past couple years but not very many.  I didn’t want the rock too hard and pounding, trashy or thrash and I had no interest in pounding house music or Rap.  Not even a fan of any of them really.  Yep, I said it.  Why do I not want to play Rap or House music, dance music if you will.  There are two obvious reasons, first of all it doesn’t blend with whats playing the rest of the time, and most of all, you can hear it on a million other stations.

I wanted to, and have created a station that doesn’t sound like every other radio station.  If it sounds just like every other one, than why would anyone bother listening to mine.  Now at this point someone is saying, but you play Indie Music and its new.  That is true and if you listen to the station you will find that it fits with the music I play.  One of the differences in programming an internet station is my listeners truly are world-wide.  With this in mind, I am playing a mix of music for the most part from he past that is based on North American music charts.   As such there are people in other countries that have never heard some of the songs I play that are classics over here.  Even songs from Canada are not always available or known in the USA.  When you combine these types of songs and the indie songs, there is a mix of unknown music being played but because I all of the music is in a rotation I developed it helps the older lesser known songs and the new indie music become recognized.  This is done like any other song.  Listeners hear the same song repeatedly, they get to know it, and because of this I think I have developed a good reputation with many Indie Artists.

Than I get this in an email….

Hi at KBRadio,

I am a British artist living in Barbados ( I guess you could say enjoying the sunshine ). I express myself through music and explore all genres because I feel an artist should be allowed to expand on his/her creativity….basically feeling the vibes.

I have read your blog page on submission and understand what you said on not playing rap. Some of my songs are raps and there are nothing offensive in any of the lyrics. You only need to take a listen…I guess like you I am old school. My songs, rap or otherwise have humour…..I am just saying they are many types of rap forms.

Now it should be mentioned that I got a couple emails along the same lines, lol, but this one is special.  This artist included 2 Rap songs and another one he calls Hippidy Hop. (Ugh)  Yesterday while going through the music after reading this email and then getting another doing and saying the same thing,  I decided to post a tweet, in which I said someone had said I read your blog, blah blah blah than sent 3 rap songs.   The writer of the above email assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) I was talking about him, and first gave me shit because he only sent 2 rap songs.  That’s correct, the 3rd was Hippidy hop.  This began a back and forth in which he was upset because not all rap music has offensive lyrics, which is true, I never said it did, and I gave no reasonable explanation in my blog why I wouldn’t play rap music.  The same reason I don’t play Broadway musicals,  Opera, Gospel, carry News programming etc, it doesn’t fit what I play.

I tried to think of the perfect analogy to this situation and I think I finally came up with one.  This person with their music is like one of those religious people who knocks at your door, and when you say no thanks, they throw a bible and a bunch of literature in on the floor because you didn’t explain why you said no and obviously need to be enlightened.

The best part of all is that in the end he deleted all his comments and then blocked me.  I still haven’t blocked him, had no reason too really, other than being a pain in the ass, he hadn’t done anything wrong.  He capped it off with a pinned Tweet on his account today that says the following:

Any licensed radio station can choose to play music in any genre it like and say anything it likes.  However when what is said publicly (through their blog or otherwise) is deemed incorrect (an opinion) ANY citizen has the right to challenge it.

There is the original blog, unedited, for you to read if you want to waste more of your time.  So now a day later I complete this fixing a couple of spots and telling you why I bother to even do this.  I do it mainly because I have worked very hard to make things as easy as possible for Indie Artists to submit music and get played on KB Radio.  I work completely up front, and if someone asks a question I answer when I can.  I also try very hard to treat people the way they treat me, and really truthfully, I don’t give a rats ass about this jackass’s arguments or criticisms.  If they were legitimate than I would be concerned that I was being biased, but I slept very well last night.  I have been told many times by people who read these that they appreciate the insight into what goes into the operation of KB Radio and KB Country Radio.  I don’t look for anything from listeners, artists, fans etc, I just would like to offer the ability for those who care to see what I put into these operations and stations.

So that’s it in a nut shell.  I think I will post this, just because it is informative in a number of ways. As always, any questions please ask.





Looking forward? Is it even possible.

As 2018 continues to speed by, there have been certain goals that have been set and will hopefully be reached.  Last year saw tremendous growth, well beyond my expectations or even hopes.  Will that continue through 2018?  It is hard to imagine being able to duplicate that kind of growth again, but who knows.  My ultimate goal is to reach one more person.  I know that probably sounds lame, but the big picture is that it’s not about my goals.  The benefit of the growing listener base is of course the exposure for so many Indie Artists.  For that reason alone I would love to see it more than double, but I am not setting targets.  I want to keep doing what is working, reaching out, and sharing the music, and it will take care of itself.

My main goal is for KB Country Radio.  With it still being new in many ways, I am targeting growth like I saw on KB Radio last year.  I believe we have the best country mix and as the word spreads that we are spinning country music again, I expect to see some natural growth.  Country music fans are among the most loyal of music fans anywhere.

We have already put the new Sunday night Indie music show on hiatus for a short time.  Scheduling conflicts etc have made it impossible to complete in a quality fashion.  I would rather not have a show, than have one that sucks.  This won’t stop the playing of Indie Music either, and you will continue to hear it and see it live tweeted from both stations.

One big announcement is the shutting down of KB AOR.   I still believe in that music format and that type of station and project.  But the bottom line, is I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it right now, to bring a quality product to the air.  The station isn’t gone forever, and at some time down the road you will see it return, but it will return in a big way when the time is right.  The website never really grew beyond the basics and it will be removed as well for now.

At the risk of sounding ignorant, I have stopped responding to some emails.  I will give you a perfect example of the kind I mean.  I have had a large number looking for KB Radio to play show tunes, you know like from Broadway Musicals, but all original and Independent.  I politely explained we don’t play that style or format of music, but they continue to send them.  I won’t waste my time.  I had a slew of emails recently from some disgruntled people as well.  Don’t expect any response from me, I would rather focus my time on responding to good people.

We go into 2018 with a lot of stresses in personal lives, that unfortunately have led to some show cancellations etc.  To those who have reached out in concern, thank you, I/we will get through everything and as always try to come out the other side stronger and better for it.  Feel free to comment and as always feel free to email




December 29th Top 10 voting irregularities

I am not going to sugar coat anything.  When individuals vote it records a lot of information.  this info for me is nothing more than a way to double-check voting and that it is being completed and a legitimate fashion.  This weeks voting included one artist that received 377 votes.  Of this number 305 came from 2 cities approximately 50 miles or 80 km apart in the USA.  It further breaks down to 3 devices only which means that each device votes 100 times in a 7 day period.

This has forced me to disqualify all votes from this individual.  I am confident it is not the artist involved in any way, so I have not disqualified their music because of what appears to be one overzealous fan.  Further to that I have strengthened the protocols for voting in such a way that hopefully this once again makes this tougher to do.   I would suggest to the individual(s) who do this, who probably will never read this anyway, don’t look for away around this security.  I would rather you vote legitimately than have me be forced to block you or worse yet, disqualify your favorite artist, because of these irregularities.

I strive week in and week out to provide a legitimate voting platform, that is totally transparent and accountable.  Lets work together to maintain that going forward.

For those who vote legitimately and frequently, thank you.

Al Yardy


Top 40 Countdown Information

Approximately 6 weeks ago I post a voting list for a Top 40 songs for the year 2017 on KB Radio.  To say that I was blown away by the response would be an understatement.  The sad part was that it was impossible to notify everybody about this going on.  From my last blog you will see the list of Artists involved and played on KB Radio in the last year, so it would be impossible to notify everyone individually.  Towards the final couple weeks it seemed to be growing in momentum as the word spread further and I suspect if we had another couple of weeks it would have blown open even wider.  But I am excited as I said by the response and we recorded nearly 4000 votes.

Over the last couple days that information was combined with the other information, being the requests through the year.   At each level as we went we looked at the data and the results and how the music lined up.  When we got to the final data to be input as well we repeated this analysis in more ways than I thought was possible.

The result was that no matter how we crunched the numbers the main list always came up the same.  Sure a few songs were in a slightly different position, maybe 1 or 2 spots but as one would hope for, the vast majority never moved.  This tells me that the system was working perfectly and the final result is overall almost entirely based on what listeners and fans wanted.

Just so you know how it worked once again.  On a normal top 10 it is 40% on the votes, 40% on requests through that week , and the final 20% is a combination of samples I put in, that remain only to my knowledge.  This allows for the fans and listeners to really control the outcome for the most part, but not 100%.  This is only done because no matter how hard you try some will play with the system, and this does stop those individuals.  For the Top 40 I used the same 40% from the voting but only 20% on requests.  I dropped it this way because I only began the chart in late April, and before that time, there was no voting and not as many requests documented.  The final 40% comes from a combination of those extra unknown quantities and using a panel of judges going through as well.

When the data was all put together it quickly became obvious how things were going to fall into place.  We crunched numbers in different fashions, ie; changing the percentages back to the weekly system, and no matter how we did it, things ended up exactly the same at the top, and virtually identical all the way to number 40.  When we reviewed the final data, and comparisons, I was beyond pleased, because it worked so well, and truly identified a solid Top 40 that I stand behind, and if asked could provide every detail to show it is as upfront as any list you will find.

Thank you everyone for your participation.  The official list will be posted on the site after we air the Top 40 tonight.




The year that was 2017

Well to say that the past year has been interesting, even by my standards would be an understatement.    I was trying to decide about what to include in this post, but decided I really didn’t need to say a lot.   The year kind of stands on its own in many ways for myself and KB Radio.  It was just over 1 year ago I went from just podcasting 5 nights a week to a full 24 hour station.  In the early incarnation I quickly learned something I knew but had kind of forgotten.  You can’t be something for everyone, so find your target and work on that demographic.  It of course meant the dropping of Country music from KB Radio, however as you know I launched KB Country Radio a couple of months ago, with help that I will get to shortly and we are watching it quickly grow as well.

Back in February of this year, I was introduced to an artist and a group, they called themselves the “army” in support of this actor turned musician.  This interaction was one of the first times I started to get a better handle on the arrogance of so many in the industry, and some signs to watch for moving forward.  You sometimes have to look but, you can usually find something positive in almost everything if you look.  Oh, btw, for those associated and pissed off at my arrogance statement, I now have 3 stations, and your artist is selling coffee.   But I digress.    the really positive thing to come out of this was a friendship with someone who has become one of my best friends and now a partner and help in the station workings.

Veronica was part of the army, but as it turned out very different from most of the other members.  We began by discussing music via twitter and discovered she had an impressive music knowledge.  Over time and many conversations, through the months, I discovered that for some of the music and situations with the station I was using her as a sounding board and opinions.

When I had the equipment issues and was ready to pack things in, she was the first to tell me I was nuts.  LOL   I will admit that she was right, because obviously the rest of the year has been a bit of a whirlwind, but in a good way from this side of the board.  With Veronica’s incredible assistance from across the country even, KB Country Radio was born and I can’t thank her enough.  Good friends are hard to find, and I feel fortunate to have her as a friend.  Maybe one day I will get my passport again and we can actually meet face to face.

Finally none of this would be possible without so many great musicians and artists sending music, interacting with me, and my listeners and so much more.   I wish I had the time to thank them all personally.  I thought I would instead give you a list of these artists and bands or groups that have been a part of KB Radio this past year.  They are all shown in alphabetical order, and I really hope I don’t miss anyone.  If I did, please send me a note so I can add you to this list.  Not included on this list are so many others, managers, promoters, producers, family members etc.  Let me just say, I try every day to make sure I respond to everyone who messages or emails me.  Some slip through the cracks, but I truly believe without everyone, I couldn’t do what I am doing.

Cheers to everyone,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

PS.  I would have loved to have put a link on every name here, but there’s about 700 on the list, and by the time I could get done, it would be Christmas 2018.

2 Steel Girls Grainne Duffy Palakali
333 Grand Masquerade Pallab Sarker
7th Order Gravitation Parmalee
A Beautiful Tomorrow Gravity Blinks Parmy Dillon
A Blue Flame Griffin Tucker Pat Gasperini
a strAnger Guy Paul Thibault Patagonian Children
Aaron Morales H0nestman Pavey Ark
Aaron Watson Hands of Elohim Payton Taylor
Abbi Scott Hannah Clive Pearsall Brothers Band
Across the Board Hannah Faye Penny White
Adarna Hats off Gentleman Its Adequate Pet Project
Addie Heart Tide Pete Six
After Alice Hector Ward and the Big Time Peter Graigs
Alan & the big Hand Heincz Gabi Petrella
Alayna Helen Coleman Phantoms
Alchemy Music Hell’s Belles Phil Mitten Storyteller
Alex Cambridge Hicks Phillip Broussard
Alfred Gomez Jr Highwaywomen Pocket In Red
ALL7SAID Hilliat Fields Poetry Thieves
Alpha Six Romeo Hobbs Sisters Pom Poms
Alsion Rose HoldOn Portuguese
amanda campbell Honor Hall Pretty City
Amber Leigh White HOSS Pretty Wild
AMELIA COBURN House of Not Proper man
Amilia K Spicer I Am Warface Psycle
Anaiyah Sunshine IbeTifusa Pull
Angelle Immortel Punch Cabbie
Antipole Indiana song company Pwned By Gravity
Aparte Project Indie Soull Rabbit Holes
April Kry Indigo blue Rae Wilson
Arc & Stones Indigo Project Ragweed
Ardi Farhan Infinity Process Rahn Anthoni
Arellspencer Inkfields Rallies
Ashes to Fall Innspire Ramona Rose
Ashley Only InRegalia Raspin Stuwart
Ashliegh Lisset Internal Frontier Raveis Kole
Audiodeluxe Irrational Machines Raven Reii
AURORA It Ray Wilson
Ausmark ITP Raymond Barton
Austin’s Rose Its Kshon Reagan Browne
Avanada Ivory Tower Project Red Morris
Avenue-Josephine J Jesus Ree Nay
Ayala Jaayns Reise
Baby Seals Jack Blake Replican Theory
Banana Blonde jack Rose Retrobutes
Bandini Jagged Reverant Cavaliers
Barley Station Jake Anderson Rhys Davis
Bas Antonan James Angel Ric Cabot Podmore
Bay Station James B Rich and Famous
Baznguitar James Darden Rich Stephenson
Bean Band Jamie  Slate Richard Lynch
Beatnik Neon Jamie Lynn Spears Ricky Gray
Bedrokk Jamie Martin Ridiculous Trixx
Belinda M JANA & The Rebels Risa Hall
Betapsi Jason Cudmore Rival Bones
Birds in the Boneyard Jayber C Riverlands
Birkett Hall Jayna Jennings RMD
Birthday Club Jean Cabbie Robert Bushinsky
Bisola jeanin Del Carlo Robert Machado
Black Diamonds Jeff Kossack & Syd  Straw Robert Segarra
Black Fun Surgery Jenna Robert Watson
BLACK HARNESS Jennifer Doll Rogert Green
Blue Helix Jennifer Mlott ROJOR
Bogart Jones Band Jerry hull Rosegarden Funeral Party
Bongos Jesse Thom Ross Seddon
Bourbon House Jessica Allossery Roxanne DeBastion
Braggarts Jessie Lee Cates Royzy
brambient Jessie Lynn Rubber Clown Car
Brandon Maddox Jigsaw Sequence Rudi Simon
Brandy Clark Jillian Sabina Runabay
Brave You Jimena Rusty Shipp
Brazen Jimmy Coburn Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors
Brian Bouchie JJ McGuigan Ryder
Brian Lee Robinson JJ’s Music Retaliation RyLee Nicholson
Brian Mackey Joe Pops Bredow Sabrina Fallah
Bristol Kids Joe Tavano Saint Luminus
Brother to the Birds John Dartnell Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs
Bryan Rice Jon C Butler Sam Hatmaker
Buddz Jon Magnusson Sam Rochford
Buttness Jonathan Vautour Samivel
By Myself Jonathon Cavier Sandi Kight
byron brown Joseph Sands
Calle Ameln Judy Rae Jae SaraBeth
Cam Julia Sarah Schonert
Careless Sons Julie McGeer SASKIA
Carlos Wilde Junk Antique Savings Bank
Carolina Stocco Juxta scaramanga six
Cassadee Pope K8 Scott Coner
Cassandra Joy kafkadiva Scott Dean
Cassidy Rae Kailee Morgan Scott Smith Band
CCH Pounder & Raspin Stuwart Kairos SebastianAzul
Celeste Kellogg Kamber Cain Second Hand Arms Dealer
Chad Houser Kanadia Seeing Hands
Chanell Karianne Jean Sennid
Change Under Death Karma Fire Sera
Charles Ellis Kath and the kicks Serenade The Stars
Charley Woods kathy bell shadow of everest
cherie rain Kathy Freeman Sharon Lia
Cherish Lee Katie Stump Sharon West
Cherose Katy Beal Shaun Walt Band
Cherry Heart Keith Burke Sheila Moore Piper
Chris Moreno Keith Fearri Sheri Lynn
Chris Prythm Kendall Connection Shippa-63
Chris Scharenbroch Kevin Costner Modern West ShirazHempstock
Chris Watkins Drunk Poets Kevin Walsh Signal Rose
Chuck Eaton KIAH Silent Stranger
Chuck Watson KIANA Silent Theory
Clark Band Kickstand Jenny Silverland
CLEAN MASTER kiki Skinner Silverstar
Cliff Wheeler Band Kim Kondroshoff Silvertung
Clint Slate Kim Larsen Simon Baum
Cloves Kind of Ride Skins
Coco O’Connor Kings Harem Skye Claire
Coco Scott Kivah Slim Chance & The Gamblers
codie prevost Kolade Olamide Ayodeji Smisch
Coma Row Kris Bradley SmithRadio
Comfortable Cats Krissy Nicks smoke season
Conne mara Stone Company Kristen Kuiper So Far Gone
Coreign KristenParisi Social Networks
Corey Koehler Kurt Fortmeyer SombreMoon
Corinne Cook LADY SONGBIRD SOME x 6 Band
CORRIDORS Laini Colman Somerdale
Corrington Wheeler Lance Glass Something Like Kites
Country Boy Landsear Sonar Lights
Country George Larre U-A Songs 4 Valery
Crags Late Greats Sons of Morning
CRASH MIDNIGHT laughing with the raindrops Sophia Radisch
Crazy Does Laura marie Sophie hanson
Crescent Moon Lauren Marsh Sophie Noelle
CT Swan LEE BRANDEN and the BLACK HARNESS Sour Bruthers
Curtis Grimes Lee Christian Sourfish
Dallas Cosmas Lee Ellis South of Sorrow
Dan Olsen Lindsay Ell Spilt Milk Society
Dancing Tramps Lisa Kowalski Spoon 21
dandelioncharm Littermouth Springs
Dangerhounds Lock It Down Stage 11
Daniel Pearson Lola Demo Star Crystal
Daniel Shockley Loocties Starkett Levee
Danielle Haskell Loosehounds Starling Radicals
Danny McMahon Lost Generation Starshine Black
Danny Wright Love and Theft State of Mine
Darker Still Love Peace and Gun Status Unknown
Darlins Lunar Rogue Steel Blossoms
Darren Parry Lux Lisbon STEREO LOVE
Davi Lyrics of Two Steve hartsoe
David Martinez mack meadows Steven Ybarra
David Nail Madelyn Victoria Stevens Band
Dazzlerz Madison Mueller Stone Blind State
Dean Rhymes Magazine Smile Strands
Dear Wendy Maggie Baugh Strange Waves
Del Zorros Maggie Thompson Stuart Alan Thomas
Derek Austin Magic Es Suburban Myth
Dez Rocket Mahogany Dannie Sugar Ponies
Dianne Meinke Maks SurRod
Dinachi March Divide Swirl
Dirty Mind Detroit Marco Siino Sydney Bergevin
Dj Dirty Freud Mari System Slave
Doctor Keith Medicine Woman Maria Masucci Tamanie Dove
Dongle Marianas Trench Tearaways
Don’t Know Marie Danielle Tempered Soul
Don’t Worry About Me Marina Avetisian Tepoe Nash
Dovile Lee Mark Parisi Terry lee Bolton
DreadPirate Marmadukes Third Time Luckie
Dream Marshall Stackz Thomas Brothers
Dream Aria Martin Almgren Three Left
Drew Erwin Mary Janes Affair Thumper Samuels
Ducky Medlock Matt Boydston Thy Other Side
dustland express matt mercer Tiffany Ashton
Dwight Williams Matt Springfield Tiffany Desrosiers
DX Death Matthew Huff Tiki Tom Toms
Dying Habit MattoRules Tilia
Dynamite Girl Maureen & the Mercury Five Time Luckie
Dynamos McKnight Tina Fisher & Lightyear
Ed Roman Meg Mac TJ Doyle
Eddie T Band Melia Todd Carey
Eddy Joe Clark Band Melisandre’s Beaver toggo Ultra rock
Eddy Kenzo Melissa Ramski TolbertToz
Eddy Mann MeloRene Tom Ryder
Eighty Two Mersi Stone Toni Sodgwick
Elaine Harris Mia Pearl Tooth & Nail
Elaine Palmer Miccoli Tower Project
Electric Mud Michael Bush Tra Cee
Elephant Trees Michael Logen TracyColletto
Eleven dollar Bills Michael Trew Treeside
Elinborg Mick Sharp Tribulance
Eliza Sayers Mickey Guyton Trinity Rose
Elizabeth Chute Midev Tronge
Elizmi Haze Mighty Sideshow Trying Hard
Elsie Mikael Vasara Two Fishes Band
Elsinore Mikalyn Hay Tyler Dial
Elvira Kalnik Mike Sands Up Your Alley
Emiko Milk & Honey Uprisers
Emily Higgins Miranda Glory Upside Down
Emma Ballantine Miss Prizz UR S Man(Sam Reeves)
EOSChute Moan Urban Folk
Erica Mohawk Radio Useless Cities
Erin At Eleven Moses Mo Vanilla Base
Erin Stoll Mothers Green Verity smith
Excorde Mowbeck Verity White
Eyemouth Mudsand Vile Assembly
Facing West Mullen Villa Avenue
Fainites MYA Project Village
Falling Into Red Nada Surf Vix Sambi
Farewell to Fear Naika Oko VOLUNTEARS
Felch McLean & Tovi Soul Naryan Vpreme
FINAL MIX Neil & Adam W3Detour
Fiona Ross Network Wall Of Orange
FIREFLY New Element Walter Hansen
FirewoodIsland Nick Hickman Wayne Rintoul
Fisher & Lightyear Nicumo We Three Kings
Flatland Cavalry Nigel Brown Wendy Kirkland
Flemt Nikki Lane While you Were Out
Fliptop Box Nikolitsa White Noise Owl
Flowered Gnomes Nina Soderquist white of the waves
Follow No One No Good Sons Why I
Forte No One Will Ludford
Franklin Gotham No Service Willow Grove
Free Ride Non Duo With Glasses
Free To Grow Northern Roads World 5
Garrett Nothin Left You Know
Gather Nth Cave YOU MIX
Gentleman of Rock and Roll Omar Alhindi Young Presidents
George Hillman One Bloody Reason You’re The One
Get Outta My Head o’neill hudson Zack Clyburn
Ghost Station Oohz Zally
Ghostly Beard Open Feel Zamtrip
Gia operation neptune spear Zel Florizel
Gills Band Ortario Zoe Wren
Golden Curtain Owen Denvir Mirenda
Good Water OYA



Chart idea, lets work together.

This is my second version of this blog because to be honest my first version, while it felt good to write took issue with a few people and how they conduct business.  It showed the inequities, lies and misrepresentation that some people use and portray and share on the internet as truths.

But not only am I better than that, I think my idea can stand on its own merits without having to expose the losers.   lol

I have been wondering what could be done to better help promote Indie Artists while also giving a truly accurate and transparent method of showing multiple stations charts.    I came up with the idea of an independent website, through one of the free providers like Wix or Weebly.  On this site any station that wants to participate can submit their weekly  or monthly chart.  That chart will be posted directly to the site as is, in a JPEG format, with a link to whatever page you which to link to.  We can either set up an image above the chart for station logo’s or incorporate into the Charts, personally I think just a separate image that is posted once and never has to change is easiest.  There would be NO MASTER TOP 40!  This would only be a site that offers information for artists and other stations about other stations charts.  Each week when a new chart is presented it would replace the previous,  and I would like to leave the past weeks accessible as well.  the history could be obtained either as every chart as a whole, the way it was presented or each stations history on its own.

What are the pluses to such an idea.  As a station operator I like to know about other music that I am not aware of that may fit into my programming.  As an artist it offers one location they can go every week, to see how their music is doing on multiple stations very simply.  I truly believe this could be a method for opening doors for even better interaction between all.  I do realize that as stations we are all really competing for the same listeners and fans, but we also are presenting independent artists music to as many people as possible.

I am prepared to offer to maintain and handle the site and all incoming chart lists.  I would suggest they be sent to an independent email address that I would create just for this, submit by Saturday each week, and they would be posted Sundays every week.  Also on the site will be a forum that is open and not moderated for artists, stations and listeners to comment or promote as they see fit.  Any question about accuracy in the postings can be easily pointed out if anyone is suspicious.  We all use Twitter daily and frequently which makes the transparency all the more important because it will be very easy to call me out for the postings.

There is of course the possibility down the road we could expand beyond this simple posting idea, but for the time being lets focus on doing one thing, doing it openly and accurately and doing it right.

I would encourage anyone who thinks this is a good idea and who may be interested in taking part in this to email me AL Yardy at:


Top 10 Voting and year end Voting

I have had a couple of discussions recently with a number of people, listeners and artists, about the top 10.  This week was a perfect example where one artist had a good lead over the next highest in voting at the end of the week.  Each week I use a combination of factors to determine the top 10 songs.  Lets start with that voting represents 40% of the contributors.  Song requests are another very important factor and they represent 40% as well.  The remaining 20% is based on a combination of information that I collect each week.  This information is the one element that I don’t make public.  Voting and requests can be manipulated, and I am not saying they are.  We ask fans to vote and make requests which gives the fans 80% control over who is the top 10 each week.  That final 20% is entirely based on the music, the artist or band and KB Radio.  This is a Top 10 for KB Radio, so non station related information is not relevant or counted in any way.

By doing things in this manner, it allows not only the fans to have a big voice in the decision, but it also leaves an element of surprise.  It is great to see the voting and the requests each week, so please don’t stop helping your favorites.

For the Year Ending Top 40 a similar system is in play.  The voting for this list will have 40% of the total towards the Top 40.  The requests are going to play a smaller part at only 20%, and while I have a record for all the requests, they go back to before we began our Top 10 lists.  This should offer some balance since some of the groups listed or others that could be written in may have been played and more popular on KB before we began the chart system.   This leaves 40% which again is based on the same criteria I didn’t tell you about before plus using a panel of judges to review as well.

I try to keep things as open as possible and welcome any questions and comments.  You can comment here on the blog or send an email to




Announcements A Plenty!!!

Lets start with the KB Radio announcements.  First and foremost is that KB Radio will survive beyond the new year and for many years to come hopefully.  Although we are yet to reach our target in the fundraising, a very generous donor has come forward anonymously and purchased outright a crucial piece of equipment needed to keep operating.  There are no words to express the thanks I have for this, and everyone’s contributions so far to this cause.

Sticking with KB Radio, there will be a new option for voting for the Top 40 Indie songs for the past year on KB.  Voting will begin as soon as I can update the web-page.  There are approximately 60 names and songs on the voting list and of course there will be the option for write in votes also.  The top 40 will be based on a combination of votes, past requests and the usual tabulations.  Voting will be held from now until December 24th 2017 and the Top 40 Indie Songs of the Year will be brought to you on December 27th.  Hopefully a nice listening option between the hustle of Christmas and New Years.

Also coming to KB Radio is a new Indie show feature from Patrick, of Ghostly Beard fame.  He is going to be giving us the Ghostly Beard pick of the week, featuring a great indie artist that will in some cases may be a familiar name to KB listeners, and sharing some new names as well.  This will be starting Wednesday November 15th on our Indie Show, and we are excited to be including this feature on KB.

KB Country Radio

Starting Sunday November 19th there are two new shows coming to KB Country.  Every Sunday at 9pm we are pleased to be welcoming “The Real Texas Radio Show” to our airwaves.  This show is recorded live outside of a studio on stage at LSA Burger.  Hear great interview and live versions of great Indie Country artists.   Boxed around Real Texas Radio is a new Indie Show as well, hosted by myself Al Yardy and welcoming Veronica Phillips to the microphone as well.  We will do one hour before and after Real Texas Radio, showcasing great Indie Country artists as well and spotlighting one artist and their music each hour.  Everything begins at 8PM EST on November 19th.

KB AOR Album Oriented Rock

I am pleased to off a third listening option for music fans.  KB AOR goes back to the early days of FM radio for its styling.  It featured tracks off of great albums that you weren’t hearing on Top 40 or contemporary radio.  The stations were entirely music based, not focusing on the entertainment of the dj, but rather just great music back to back.  Let me correct that, great Rock and Roll.  The idea of Classic Rock evolved out of this Radio format, but if you recall the lyrics for the band “Bowling for Soup” and their tune “1985”, : “When did Motley Crue become Classic Rock?”   Will you hear tracks that may have been popular or hits?  From time to time you will, mixed in, but the focus is on the other tracks.  The bulk of the music will be from the late 60’s to the 90’s.  However, great albums from the 2000s will be added to the mix and looking at the option of including some great Indie Rock as well.  There are no intentions at this time to offer live shows, but anything is possible as time goes on.  

The Website is still in development, but you can listen to the stream here.

Twitter: @KB_AOR_CAN

I am very excited about all of the new developments that are happening within the KB Radio family.  We encourage continued interaction and always welcome suggestions.

All music submissions for KB and KB country continue to come to

A huge thank you to everyone for the continued support and encouragement. 


Al Yardy




How to get played on Radio: Part ?


I want to start by saying this is how I do business, this is how Radio in general does business. I don’t know how others who aren’t trained in station operations etc. or have no first hand experience in working in radio other than starting their own online station operate, but that’s not the group I fit into.

With all of that said, I want to focus on music from artists that have already been played on stations like KB Radio and KB Country. We have already looked at the differences between mainstream music releases and indie releases. When an artist releases an album or EP, the mainstream focuses on one song, and pushes it for success. Then will move on to a second and third etc, following the same pattern. With Indie music, when an album or EP is released, the indie artists for the most part don’t promote one song in particular. If my station will play one track and another plays a different track then that is fine with them. This, in many ways, is a great method of promotion in basically getting the band or artists name out. However, it can also lead to confusion or negative effects in the case of stations like mine.

There are only so many spots for songs to be played in a given day or week on KB Radio. I have often been told that the mix of songs and entire playlist is really good, and this is something that I take great pride in. This doesn’t happen by accident. I have a rotation that is based on songs fitting in different groups or categories, and rotating songs from each of these groups in a specific pattern. In two separate examples KB Radio and KB Country Radio have two very different lineups or categories of music and each station’s rotation is nothing like the other. Why is that, you ask? It is because it is based on target audience. I approach this completely as a business, although I make nothing from the effort, I will not put out some half cocked bullshit lineup that tries to appeal to everyone. I don’t lead my life that way either, because the bottom line is, you will never please everyone, so I never try to. If you don’t like the music we play, that is totally fine with me and with all due respect, I don’t care. That’s not arrogance, it’s just knowing my audience. You don’t put the NFL Channel on TV to get the latest hockey scores do you? So, if you tune in and don’t like the music, look somewhere else. It’s very simple really.

Okay, I have gotten a little off course, but I think it’s important to understand the operation of stations like mine. Knowing all of those things, let’s get back to the music being released. The bottom line is, Indie Artists, in many ways, are not releasing songs individually. This is where my problem starts to show itself, and I think artists start to slip off the radar when they are missing opportunities for further promotion. So, understanding that my music rotation is set in a specific way for it to function properly, also tells you that each category has a set or approximate number of songs for it to function properly. So, if as an example, Category A has 100 Indie songs in it, if I add 5 new tracks one week, that means 5 songs have to come out. Now again, understanding the system, not all songs come out completely from the rotation. There are options based on a number of reasons and circumstances that these songs will move into a different category instead of being moved out completely. Of course, with a move into a different category, it’s still 1 in equals 1 out. I often tell people how much time is spent each week on putting music into the rotation, and with the second station and the help from Veronica, who came on board a few weeks ago, we are putting in about 20 man hours a weeks just on that one task. On a typical Wednesday night after the Indie Show concludes, I then add the music and make all the lineup changes. That takes about 4 hours to complete.

So, if you are an artist and you sent me an album in July, as an example, and the song we played has done fairly well, but has run its course and ends up coming out of the rotation this week, what do I do with your album now? I know simple right? Just play another tune. So of the 50 new artists I added in the past week, and I ask this with the most sincere of intentions; do you really expect me to go through the list of each artist I have removed and look to see if I have more of their music? Then look to make sure it is something they are still promoting, and they haven’t possibly released something new that I haven’t heard about? Then from there, go through all of that music to find another song to help promote them? Let me ask you this; considering that I do work so hard to help promote Indie Artists, do you really think it’s my job to do all of that stuff? I will give you a hint, if you do, then please respond to this blog and tell me so I can remove all of your music from my system. I don’t have time for your arrogance! I work really well when we work together.

If you are tracking your music being played, which we make it very easy for you to do by live tweeting each song that’s played, then when you stop seeing those tweets, send me an email again saying “hey, can we look at getting another tune into the rotation”. If you sent me an album, you can remind me of that also, which honestly is a very simple thing, or just ask, did I send you the album?

Please, Please do not send me the message, “I guess I am no longer one of the popular kids”. I am not and have not been a teenager for a long time. Comments like these will get ignored or if I am in a bad mood, maybe a file showing just how often your music was played, dates, times” etc. and asking if you always act like a kid.

My current catalogue of Indie Music has more than 1000 artists, all of which have been played at one time or another. I apologize if I don’t remember every single one of them, but most days I don’t know what day of the week it is. If you don’t believe that, listen to one of my shows when I call it by the wrong name because I don’t even remember what I am playing at that moment.   LOL

One of the funny things about writing Blogs like this is that in the end, I usually feel like a real shit. I know that isn’t even reasonable, but somehow I feel guilty that I have to explain some things. I guess the easiest way for artists and bands to look at things is like this. Each station or podcast, reviewer or writer is different. We are no different from people you know in your personal life. You won’t talk politics or sex or religion or other topics exactly the same with everyone you know, so why look at this group of people like we are all the same. Get to know the people in the stations or podcasts etc. and work with them individually. Do some research about them and find out what they are doing for you. If you have a podcaster who is doing a segment once a week and you have an opportunity to get your music profiled each week, then use a calendar or anything to remind you. Touch base with that person to find out how often they will play your songs. Maybe you can get a weekly spin. Maybe they can’t because of how much music they get in. Who knows, but the only way you can help yourself is to learn. The old saying Knowledge is Power still holds true today.

I always look forward to comments about my writing, good or bad. Being honest and open doesn’t get you banned from my radio station. We won’t all get along or agree on everything, but being an outright asshole will. Just a thought to keep in mind before you write your response.